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If you are searching for the newest, latest, greatest event entertainment rental, you've come to the right place! Beyond just bounce houses, past the been-there-done-that old school rentals, at Ozarks Knockerball we pride ourselves on elevating your event through excellent service, exciting, new, and fun rentals, clean and safe game play, and a fully-staffed experience from start to end.

Contact us to today to see how we can partner with you! We can help you plan, will show up to set up all the activities, fully staff all the games and events throughout the course of your rental, and then clean up, pack up, and get everything buttoned up afterward. Our staff are all safety trained, background checked, and excel in bringing incredible and dynamic coaching to all our games. No sitting around here! We will bring the competition and fun to all you rent!

No event is too big or small and there's no such thing as having too much fun! Our rentals can be played by all shapes, sizes, ages, heights, abilities, and interests. If you're into having fun, you've come to the right place! We have a little something for everyone.

Let us bring the fun to your next event!

Check out the site, look at all we can offer! Looking forward to partnering with you soon!

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