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  Archery Tag

Get in the game with archery tag- face masks (safety first!), bows, arrows, and bunkers are all included with this game!


Archery tag is a bit like dodgeball, except instead of balls you use foam-tipped arrows & bows. It’s action-packed, exciting and family-friendly, engaging kids and adults alike because nobody really ever outgrows a great game of tag!


Players split into two opposing teams and separated by a "Safe Zone." Each team also has a "5-Spot Knockout Target." There are two objectives:

  1. Hit the opposing team’s players with foam-tipped arrows, eliminating them from the game.
  2. Knock out the five discs of the opposing team's 5-Spot Knockout Target, also with foam-tipped arrows. For every target that is hit, an eliminated player from the scoring team may return to play.

NOTE: If you catch an arrow in your hand that was fired by the opposing team, you can bring back one eliminated player to active game play.

And no, the foam-tipped arrows don’t hurt!

(Archery tag is only available for private sessions at this time. There is no open play option of this game.)

Archery Tag (2 hrs, up to 10 players at a time)
Archery Tag (2 hrs, up to 10 players at a time)

Please call to reserve this item.
Archery Tag (each additional 1/2 hr)
Archery Tag (each additional 1/2 hr)

Please call to reserve this item.

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